corrugated pizza box supplier cebu

6 thoughts on “corrugated pizza box supplier cebu

  1. How much for 12 inch and minimum order


  2. gina rose de ramos July 26, 2019 — 1:29 pm

    do you deliver in pasay? in need of 11″ pizza box…minimum order please?


  3. Randy Millares May 28, 2020 — 1:05 pm

    hello. will you please tell me how much for 12x12x1.5inch and 10x10x1.5inch corrugated pizza box? what is your minimum order? shipping to dumaguete please. thank you very much. i can be reached via email at or thru voice call or text at number 0977-8261127.


  4. how much is 11 ” pizza box code FPPM501PZ if I order 1000pcs ?


  5. edward joseph tabang January 7, 2021 — 10:33 pm

    how much is 10X10X1.5 and 12X12X1.5 with 2 colors print


  6. Michael Sacro May 16, 2021 — 1:13 pm

    How much for 12 inch customized pizzabox and whats your minimum order?


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